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Gin doesn t want to work hard

Gin doesn t want to work hard

Gin doesn t want to work hard

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    Gin doesn t want to work hard
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    Author yzlgqs
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    Day Books
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2022-09-28 04:23:55
The inner scroll is in power. Blackpool adheres to the principle of going to death as long as it can't survive finally, after a month of intensive work, heize suddenly died in front of the computer "you must be a salted fish in your next life!" with this idea, heize completely lost consciousness waking up again, Kurosawa is in an illegal training base there is fierce competition, the survival of the fittest, and the degree of involution is better than that in previous lives heize:... relying on the consciousness far beyond his peers, heize successfully became the best one and left the base originally, I thought that I could finally the blackness of salted fish. Looking at a long list of tasks in front of me, I fell into meditation after several years of hard work, heize became a top hitter and was appreciated by the big boss the big boss expressed his deep expectations for him and gave him a code name: gin looking at his long blond hair, heize turned and looked at the little brother assigned to him by the organization "what's your code?"< br> “Vodka!” Kurosawa:... I can't live this day!

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