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Global heavens! Behind the awakening of the start

Global heavens! Behind the awakening of the start

Global heavens! Behind the awakening of the start

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    Global heavens! Behind the awakening of the start
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    A passing little man
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    Passion Novel
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This book also has its own "online rush! What should I do if I'm found just after crossing?" "I just passed through, the time and Space Bureau came to the door!" This parallel earth is so terrible a piece of debris floating from a black hole has built a diversified earth... thirty six Tianting towns are in the country, the Twelve Gods of Olympus dominate the west, and all ethnic groups live in the South and North... in order to better develop, countries have opened space-time channels to the heavens and the world the era of the world's heavens and the people's crossing is coming "so that's why I was found when I first came here?" My name is day five. I'm a transgressor. I was invited to tea by the [multi Space Time Bureau] a few minutes after I arrived here it's all right. After all, it's very common for transgressors in this era then, grasp the [awakening stone], successfully awaken the [world], and then crush the [space-time stone] to start the first journey - at the same time, the ancient barren world "lying trough! It becomes a holy land at the beginning. Who else is lucky!" in order to become stronger, use [world] to make up one ancient era after another in this world, and powerful beings were born from his hands there are ten generations of rotation, which will never be destroyed. It will shake the past and shine the present. The first taboo God in ancient times, who dyed blood for nine days and killed heaven, will defeat heaven alone there are also autocratic emperors who were born to practice Taoism and came in response to robbery and buried the sad era... he was promoted to the world, became the leader of the world, and was behind everything "Zhutian game, Wanjie chess, sit and watch the wind and cloud rise!" -- behind the scenes ยท the fifth day.

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