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Moon old strange fate

Moon old strange fate

Moon old strange fate

Rating: 9 / 10 from 8092 ratings
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    Moon old strange fate
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    For Zheng duzun
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    Bestair novel
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2023-03-27 21:14:26
The old man under the moon, who is respected by all circles, is nothing else, just because he helped a lot of mandarin ducks dance in pairs...... he never received gifts, and the only time he received gifts was because...... that time, a character who can shock the whole monastic world came to the old man's residence in person. Just to find her in this life at the end of the month, the old man took out the "marriage book" and turned a few pages to find it! But it was impressively written "Yin people are ancient!" The man is dead! The man had to say 'die to see the corpse'! It's worth looking for him... ... ... after a long time, Yuelao helped him find it! But now she is really a pile of skeletons... that person thanked the old man and taught the old man a flying spell, traveling hundreds of billions of miles a day then the man didn't say anything and disappeared with the ash in his arms............ everyone thought he was dead but on a blue planet tens of thousands of stars, a little boy looked into the distance

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