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Five spirit youth line

Five spirit youth line

Five spirit youth line

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    Five spirit youth line
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    Daddy riding a cow
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    Wine Novel
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At the end of the law, there were a large number of strong people in the world, but there was no news overnight. From then on, there was no trace of strong people in the world. On the territory of the five elements continent, Nanzhao, Beiliang, sunset and other countries with the state of Xiao as the center, as well as the later state of Xishu, are separated from each other. In addition to Xishu, each country has strong asylum Wu Ge, a scholar in Ru mountain, was born with no spirit, but he was gradually dragged into the bottomless abyss from the chaos of the Xiaoqiang. He studied and practiced to prove his way: establish his mind for heaven and earth, establish his life for the living people, inherit his unique knowledge and create peace for the world the state of Xiao: the foundation is the strongest. Other countries pay tribute to the state of Xiao on time. There is Yan Yuan, the sage of Confucianism. He is the only second-class strong man in the world. The first one is guarded by the extraordinary strong man. Because he uses the power of the world to open the gate of heaven, open the river and fall, there are no weapons in the world. When he was young, the saint teacher traveled around the world to preach Confucianism. His descendants came from Julu Academy of Xiao Guoli. He was a peach and plum in the world and set up assistant ministers for the king. Therefore, the world respected Yan Yuan as a saint teacher apart from Xiao, other countries have equal strength Nanzhao Kingdom: there is a star map Pavilion. The contemporary Heavenly Master is not surprised by the dust. It is an extraordinary place and the top three products Beiliang: Master Shikong, the contemporary Buddha of the White Horse Temple, has no weapon environment, and is the first grade and second grade Sunset Country: it has the Royal gate king, extraordinary territory and top three grades at present, there is no incomparable strong man in Western Shu, but because its founder, King Zhou, was an old man who offered the emperor to the state of Xiao, he temporarily attached himself to the state of Xiao, so he was in peace; Under the shelter of the strong, although countries have had little shocks over the years, they are also good with peace the holy master is about to open the gate of heaven with the power of the world, and then open the river map. The five elements continent will rise again, and all countries are ready to move.

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