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Hikari legend says I m just a scientist

Hikari legend says I m just a scientist

Hikari legend says I m just a scientist

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    Hikari legend says I m just a scientist
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    Sound green wonderful MINT
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    People Books
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The night moon is an Austrian fan. Do you stay up late to brush Aofan's sudden death then, he looked at a large area of white light around him and just thought he was dreaming, "Ding, the system is binding, and the binding is complete." "set the host planet, M78 nebula, the country of light." a cold voice broke his YY M78 Nebula? The land of light the night moon said that she was a little flustered "setting Ott body for host." what? The night moon is confused "setting is complete." "host: Night Moon (hickali Altman)" Walter (what) before the night moon reacted, a blue and exquisite Knight wrist guard appeared on his right wrist at the same time, there is also a special (abnormal) pure light energy in his body so, will I be hickary Altman in the future the night moon doubts life however, with the golden finger in hand, I have the universe Ampara: I am the emperor of darkness hickary: (the lightning turned him into fly ash) belidora: you won me sikali: (three dragons attack together and directly pile up this giant monster) zeuda: take my sword hickali: (the lightsaber cut zeuda and his sword in half) dark al: I can stop time Hikari: (the killer gun cut him to pieces) zamxia: Hikari, can we talk dark ones: who are you hickali said: I said I was just a passing "weak" blue scientist. Do you believe it the dark forces said: I believe you, a ghost!

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